From rigidity to fluidity...

Letting go of the judgments of others…Letting the inner child create its own reality of play and delight and inspire the adult…

Sometimes we let others restrict the expression of who we truly are by letting their judgments of what we should do or shouldn’t do affect and/ or dictate our actions. We are not as we truly are anymore, but become a reflection of the expectations of what people would like us to be. We match our behavior to other people’s needs in order to please them and forget about our own needs and who we truly are in the process. Most of the time, this is done on an unconscious level from our part as a way to get loved, understood and accepted.

This painting is about freeing the inner child of that burden. It is about letting the inner child express himself or herself without restriction. Letting him or her speak, cry, shout, jump, dance, sing,…and get back into the natural flow of life by accepting, embracing and allowing both positive and negative emotions.

When we restrict the expression of negative emotions, we also restrict the expression of positive emotions as well as our ability to feel and experience them. When we allow and embrace the expression of negative emotions, we also heighten our ability to feel and experience positive emotions and as a result can enjoy life more fully.

54 x 65 cm - Acrylic on linen canvas



  • Singing one's life's and soul's song... Disentangling... By Noelie Ceyral_artist in Bordeaux

     Singing one’s life’s & soul’s song… Disentangling from everything that is not in alignment with one’s true self & purpose…

  • Speaking one's truth by Noelie Ceyral

     Speaking one’s truth… Aligning with one’s true self… and finding the courage to express one’s voice… 5th chakra healing…


  • Fully embodying and accepting one’s soul’s purpose by Noelie Ceyral

    Fully embodying and accepting one’s soul’s purpose

  • Going into the direction of my dreams by Noelie Ceyral

     Happily and joyfully going into the direction of my dreams… Are you coming with me?

  • Exploring the depth of the soul

    Exploring the depth of the soul... Knowing thyself...

  • Breaking free

     Breaking free

  • Opening of the heart... Breathing again... by Noelie Ceyral

    Opening of the heart… Breathing again… Expansion… Allowing ourselves to be who we truly are…

  • Timeline reset code

    Timeline reset code

  • Let's play and have fun together by Noelie Ceyral

     Let's play and have fun together

  • Diving deeper into love by Noelie Ceyral

    Diving deeper into love

  • Who cares

     Who cares?

  • Inspire me! by Noëlie Ceyral_painter in Bordeaux

    Inspire me!

  • Opening up to love and to life

     Opening up to love and to life

  • From rigidity to fluidity by Noëlie Ceyral

    From rigidity to fluidity...

  • Blending of the fields

    Blending of the fields... The two become three... become one...

  • There is always light even in the darkest of times by Noelie Ceyral

     Light is always there, even in the darkest of times

  • Getting back into the flow by Noelie Ceyral

    Getting back into the flow

  • Jumping into the unknown by Noelie Ceyral

    Jumping into the unknown

  • Just BEing... Happy and joyFULL...

     Just BEing… Happy & joyFULL…

  • Tantric lovers' key

     Blending… Loving… Tantric lovers’ key

  • Sacred healing cavern with guardian by Noelie Ceyral

    Sacred healing cavern with guardian... :-) Portal to other planes of existence...

  • Mirroring effect

    Mirroring effect… Inside of you, I am seeing a reflection of my own self…

  • Blending... Loving...

     Blending... Loving... Joyfully and happily co-creating...

  • Staying within my pillar of peace

     Staying within my pillar of peace as the storm goes by

  • Water... fluidity... travelling through space and time

    Water... Fluidity... Travelling through space and time...

Noëlie is a French artist who currently lives in Bordeaux. She is self-taught and developped her own style through experimenting with colours, textures and forms. She started experimenting with oil painting around 2004 and then acrylic in 2015. She is also a life coach as well as an intuitive & spiritual healer and enjoys to share her own personal healing journey and insights through her paintings.

If you have any questions, you can contact Noëlie on +33 (0) 6 42 91 61 21




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