Noëlie Ceyral

Artist & Intuitive Painter in Bordeaux


Noëlie is a French artist who was born in Sarlat-la-Canéda, in the region of Dordogne, in the South-West of France. After 8 years living in London and a one-year trip to Asia, she decided to come back to France and settle in Bordeaux in 2011.

She is a self-taught artist and started to explore oil painting in 2004 and then acrylic in 2015. Having worked within the self-development and spiritual fields during various years, her art is influenced by her personal experience in these areas.

Her creative process is very intuitive and meditative. She enjoys to share her own personal healing journey and insights through her paintings. She plays with colors, forms and textures in order to express different energies, sensations and emotions. She likes to let the energy and inspiration of the moment flow freely in order to guide her creation process and allow her artwork to emerge without too much thinking or mental effort. 


Some of her paintings come with texts that are an invitation to reflect on certain themes connected to spirituality, the law of attraction and the exploration of the self.

Noëlie’s universe is filled with magic, lightness and gentleness. Colours that tend towards  pastel hues create a zen atmostphere that soothes and invites relaxation and serenity.

Noëlie likes to suggest a positive vision of the world. Her paintings and texts are like doors towards other worlds where we are invited to travel to the deepest core of our being and to reconnect to our essence, to who we truly are beyond the conditionings of society.