14 January 2015

Are you following your track or somebody else’s track?



I remember this time when I was going through one of my training as a coach and energy healer and was asked to practice some tools live while an instructor was supervising me. I was extremely quick in narrowing the client’s limiting belief and was very much on my track, knowing exactly where I wanted to go and following the energy of the person I was working with.

But then, the instructor started interrupting me. First it was to congratulate me for being so quick in identifying the limiting belief that was at the root of the pain that the person was experiencing, but she also thought I should ask another question.

So I asked the question which she seemed to find important but was not relevant at the time. As I continued to guide the client and apply the tools that we were meant to practice, the instructor kept on interrupting me and asking me to ask certain questions or look at the situation in a certain way, none of which seemed like questions that I would have normally asked or areas that I would have felt drawn to explore with this particular person myself.

It was a rather annoying and uncomfortable/ irritating situation and towards the end of the session, I truly did not know which direction to go or which questions to ask anymore, not because I didn’t know what would feel right to me but rather because everything that I intuitively wanted to do was being dismissed by the instructor who kept on taking me off my own track to direct me into the direction she herself wanted to explore. And as I was being supervised, I was supposed to listen to what she had to say. In that moment, I was the student and she was the teacher, the one who was supposed to know more than me. I remember a feeling of anger and irritation building up within me throughout the session as I did not feel that I was being allowed to follow my inner guidance. I also remember feeling really inadequate and incompetent at the end of this session.

Waking up the next day still processing anger relating to this situation, I decided to look a bit closer at the situation and to look at what the anger could teach me. It was really interesting because as I started exploring my emotions and dissolving the anger, I realized that the instructor had simply been taking me off track. When I work with my clients, I am always highly intuitive and follow my own track. I am feeling totally adequate and competent. I know exactly what to do and where to go. When somebody is trying to take me onto their tracks, I don’t have a clue what to do because these are not the tracks that I would follow myself if I was listening to my own intuition. Hence my feelings of inadequacy and being incompetent because I was somehow judging my own ability to do something right on what another person thinks I should do in this particular moment (and I don’t have a clue of what that is!).

It was an extremely useful insight for me to be getting at this time because as I started exploring spirituality and its various teachings, I was taken off track more than once by teachers or people I met who I tended to think knew better or more than me, until I realized otherwise and started to look inside for my own answers, rather than trying to figure out what I should do based on another person’s opinion, belief system, paradigm, judgment or what I thought this should be.


What about you? Are you following your track or somebody else’s track? When you get an advice from a friend, teacher, mentor or hear a teaching/ theory/ new paradigm from somebody you admire and look up to, do you take it in as the absolute truth or do you take some time to meditate on it/ check in with yourself, to see whether what is being said truly resonates with you? And, if you are currently following somebody else’s track rather than your own, what is one tiny step you can take or implement today to start following your own?


As a life coach, I specialize in helping people align with who they truly are while peeling away the many layers that stand in between themselves and their accessing their inner wisdom; the part of them that always knows what is right for them to do at any given moment; the part of them that knows exactly what to do in order to heal and balance their mind, body and spirit. If you would like to find out more about life coaching and how I can help you on your own journey, you can visit my life coaching page by clicking here. You may also download my free guide “7 simple steps to start living your dream life now” at the top of this page (look out for the download box on the top right hand corner :-)).

With much love, light and gratitude,




Noëlie works with clients worldwide in French, English and Spanish. She specializes in helping her clients go beyond their fears, blocks and limitations in order to create a life that is fulfilling to them. She uses various tools including mind-body techniques, meditations, visualizations, coaching and self-development tools. She is also an intuitive & spiritual healer and EFT practitioner. She uses her understanding of energy healing and dynamics in order to go deeper with her clients and track the energy root cause of problems. Read more about Noëlie